Tuesday, March 5, 2024

What to Do?!

I wanted to photocopy some papers using a printer I no longer use. I knew there was black ink in the cartridge, but the machine directed me to replace the cartridge, I had no new cartridge, so took the old one out and shook it a few times before replacing it - a trick I learned when using laser printers at work.

I was on the verge of putting the cartridge back into the printer when I noticed that it was oozing toner all over my hand... 

What to do?! I grabbed some paper towel to sop up the wet ink. Then I ran to get a plastic bags to put the leaky cartridge in before disposing of it.

Then I looked at my hands - stained with black ink. How to clean them?!

Google directed me to several articles on how to remove printer ink from hands. I planned to try as many as it took to get rid of black stains. Apparently Windex might have worked if the ink was still wet - which it wasn't!

A pumice stone did remove a small amount of ink. But I didn't want to further damage my already-dry skin by rubbing too long.

Next I rubbed my hands with a cloth soaked with a few drops of tea tree oil. More ink came off. 

Baby oil or vaseline might also help, according to another article.

They all seem to help... some - but my hand looked so dirty that Terry didn't want me in the kitchen.

Here's my hand 12 hours later ... 

At first I thought it might take a few days to completely disappear - but... to my amazement .... another 12 hours and my hand was completely clean! Was it the many liquid soaps in my regular hand washing at home, in the mall and in the gym that did the job?!

Monday, March 4, 2024

Amaryllis Bud Forming!

I was focused on the sprouting leaves of my four amaryllis bulbs... So I didn't notice that one - tucked under the pepper tree - was already forming a bud!

So I moved it out into the open, where I can watch it develop.

I wonder how long it will take to flower ...

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Learning to Skate

I never had good balance in ice - walking or skating. But I wanted my children to learn to skate.

Now I'm enjoying watching the next generation develop their skills on ice!

Learners used to push around wooden chairs for support...

Now they have lighter plastic gizmos!

It's fun to watch them improve... 

And have fun, too!

Saturday, March 2, 2024

My Father's Birthday!

Today is my father's birthday... He was born 114 years ago today in Poland. 

And I was born ON HIS BIRTHDAY, 36 years later.

Here's a brief account of our family's early life in Hay Lakes, Alberta, written by my mother in 1994, the year my father died.

Here's the earliest photo I have of the two of us.

Strange, but I have no recollections of the inconveniences of NOT having an indoor bathroom. And I don't remember ever falling down those steep stairs. I DO remember standing at the bottom of the stairs and yelling for someone to help me come up! They seemed so high when I was a child.

Friday, March 1, 2024

Blanket Forts

Some childhood games continue to be popular from generation to generation...

Like building "forts" out of blankets and chairs.

I remember my children loving it...

And now my grandchildren do too!

Thursday, February 29, 2024

New Craft Project

Sometimes it only takes a comment!!!

One of the potters in the studio mentioned she had spent the weekend doing a "needle felting" project... A teddy bear... It had come as a kit...

Needle felting?! Not sure I knew what she was talking about...

So later, I looked it up online...

Here was a craft I had never heard about! 

So I headed over to a large yarn store in my neighborhood and found a kit that claimed to be "easy peasy"...

All supplies are included. I plan to give it a try!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024


I find it fascinating to see family resemblance!

Which one is the father?!

Which one the son?!