Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Visit to Burnstown, Ontario

A few days ago, we drove out into the country - about an hour from Ottawa - to the picturesque village of Burnstown, Ontario. We had recently come across an article about Burnstown and its artists, especially the architectural potter, Richard Gill. 

Why not go for a day trip some time this summer?!  When our daughter visited us from Toronto, it seemed like an opportune time.

We dropped in at the gallery owned by Richard Gill's wife - where his work and that of other local artists are sold.

I noticed he offered 2-day workshops from time to time...


After looking around, we stopped for a delicious lunch...

... at the Blackbird Cafe.

And, of course, we couldn't resist the ice cream store nearby!

For some reason, Burnstown reminded me of a county village I had visited in England. From time to time, I had to remind myself that this was Canada!

(I'll have to visit whenever I get the urge to travel. An hour by car is a lot less money - and hassle - than a week or two away!)

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