Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunrise and Sunset Time

I often exchange messages with my daughter early in the morning while we are drinking coffee in our homes which are about 500 kilometers apart. She lives 500 kilometers southwest of here...

It's darker than that here, she told me recently, when I sent her a picture of the 7:30 am sky I was looking at... I checked and, sure enough, sunrise in Ottawa is currently 7:36 am while sunrise in Guelph is 7:47... 11 minutes later. Sunset in Ottawa is at 4:20 pm these short days of winter, while in Guelph the sun currently sets at 4:45 pm.

I never thought about it before... We're in the same time zone, but I guess even 500 kilometers does make a difference in sunrise and sunset times!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Enlarging an Afghan

I knit this afghan several months ago - but it was a little small.

I decided to crochet a border around it - to enlarge it a bit...

I did a little at a time, stopping if I felt any wrist pain. After several weeks it was done...

A few inches added to each side make a difference: It's now 4 to 5 inches longer and wider.

Hopefully, with use, it will also stretch.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Buckets of Water

Not one - but two - days this week, residents on our street were warned that the water could be turned off anytime from 8 am to 4 pm while a pipe was being repaired.

Terry and I immediately prepared buckets and pots of water - in case we needed them... and complained a bit about the "inconvenience" - though we concluded that losing water for a few hours was easier to deal with than losing electricity!

(To make up for the inconvenience, we decided to go to a restaurant for lunch!)

(How spoiled we are!!)
The buckets of water sitting in the hall jolted my memory - taking me back to my childhood years in Hay Lakes and Kingman, Alberta, when the only water we had at home had been pumped daily outdoors, then brought into the house... My mother heated the water on the stove for bathing, laundry and, of course, cooking.

Being reminded of this daily chore of bringing in water - a normal part of life for my parents and forefathers before them - was a reality check! What was I complaining about?!!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Back to Quilting

It's amazing how much fabric a bag of quilting scraps can make. I recently pulled out some shirt scraps my neighbor across the street gave me years ago.

Remnants from a shirt factory, they are various colors, shapes and sizes.

I focused on the blue-toned ones, leaving the beige- and red-toned for later use.

I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with them, but I had a few ideas, inspiration from quilts I saw on Pinterest.

I cut the scraps into 5 1/2 inch squares and strips 2 1/2 inches wide. Then I took the remaining smaller pieces and cut them into strips 2 inches wide. Anything smaller than 2 inches was thrown away.

It was tedious work, but I tried to to do several dozen a day.

When I had quite a few ready, I started to sew them together...

I'm still working on it.

This is the fabric of narrower strips... It's about a meter square right now, and I'm still adding to it.

This is the fabric made of squares and strips. I have sewn four pairs of rows together, and I'd like to make it three times that width.

I'm not sure exactly what either of these pieces will end up being. But it's fun to watch ideas evolve.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Guelph Farmers Market

My daughter shops weekly at the Guelph Farmers Market - a cozy place where baked goods, crafts, prepared foods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables are sold.

It's an easy walk from her house... so we left the car at home.

Several vendors sell local honey and wax products.

The apples looked good!

I can see why she likes to shop here.

Unlike the Carp Farmers market that we often shop at, this one is open all year long.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cat-Themed Crafts

My neighbor, Mary, loaned me this book with crafty Christmas cat and dog ideas...

(I wonder if I have time to make anything before Christmas! Time is flying by!)

Before I know it, I'm digging through my fabric bins, looking for fabric the colors of my daughter's cats!

A cat-owner, she might enjoy a pillow or table runner with cats on it. 

(I'm positive the cats would enjoy sleeping on them!)

I could even make little cat Christmas stockings... if I only had time!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Confusing Calcium!

"Healthy eating" can be a tricky maze. None more so, than an awareness of needing calcium.

A few years ago, I was informed that I should consume 1200 mg of calcium daily, in food or supplements...

I immediately doubled my calcium supplements, from 300 - 600 mg a day.

Then recently I learned that I'm taking too much calcium in supplement form. Too much can cause plaque build-up in the arteries. Health guidelines now cap calcium supplements at 500 mg a day...

This information sent me hunting for a list of  calcium-rich foods to eat: milk, yogurt and cheese, of course. But how much of these do I need to eat in order to consume 1200 mg of calcium a day?

A glass of milk has 300 mg. Yogurt has about the same amount... Four 8-ounce glasses of milk or yogurt. What else?

I hunted online for a list of calcium-rich foods and came up with this, entitled: Top 15 Calcium Rich Foods.

As I look it over, I have a question: Isn't "calcium fortified" the same as adding calcium supplements to the food?

One surprise on the list was sesame seeds.

Eat Halva! my daughter suggested, half seriously. Halva is made of sesame seeds... 

(Sweetened with honey... sometimes with chocolate added!) But I did go out and get some!

It's hard to gauge how much calcium-rich food I need to consume, to reach my daily recommended amount, because calcium content is not included in nutritional information.

This nutritional fact chart (for eggs), for example, only states that one egg makes up 2% of a person's dietary calcium needs. (So one would need to eat 50 eggs to make up a day's recommended amount of calcium?!)

To complicate matters, children, adults and seniors all have different calcium needs... Which segment of the population is this percentage referring to?!

How unhelpful is that?!

The more I read, the more confused I get. Not only do I have to concern myself with how much calcium different foods have, there is also a concern that the body absorbs certain forms more easily than others. In fact, somewhere I read that only such and such percentage of this or that type of calcium is absorbed by the body...!!

There really needs to be an easier way to do this calcium thing!