Monday, September 28, 2020

L.L. Bean in Ottawa! Hard to Believe!

For years I’ve bought fleece shirts and water-proof coats through a catalog. The items would take a while to arrive: they were shipped from Maine.

Whenever we traveled to the USA, I’d hunt for one of their physical stores - L.L. Bean. But they're hard to find, even in the USA...

So last year, I was surprised to see that one had opened up near Toronto...

And this year one opened up in Ottawa!

I don't do a lot of shopping these days - but I did stop in
to look around...

Now I can actually try on clothing before buying it!!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Prairie Fire Chili Peppers

I used to have a vegetable garden when my children were young. I wanted them to see how food is grown.

I remember growing tomatoes, lettuce, beans and squash. I don't remember if we ever tried growing peppers. I would have expected them to grow on low plants, much like cucumbers...

But maybe I'm wrong...

Recently my daughter-in-law was given a tree with little red peppers on it. They resembled Christmas tree lights. She was told they were edible... but very hot - like Tabasco sauce.

We brought a few of the peppers home for our Ottawa son, who LOVES Tabasco sauce. He agreed that they had a similar taste.

I removed some of the seeds from the tiny peppers in hopes that I'll succeed in growing a Prairie Fire Pepper tree - or two - next spring.

A new gardening challenge!

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Trying Haskap Berries

On a recent trip to Guelph, our daughter took Terry and me to Strom's Farm and Bakery - a small store attached to a busy local farm... She had read a great review online about their pies.

Of course we had to try one...

We ended up trying more than one! On our first visit, we bought a peach-blueberry pie. It was really delicious... with more fruit filling than most store-bought pies...

On our second visit, we bought an apple pie for our daughter and a rhubarb-strawberry one to take to our son's family.

I was also intrigued by something I had never heard of before: Haskap berries.

They sold Haskap berry jam. We chose to try a haskap berry crisp - which was delicious.

Hunting for more information on Haskap berries, we read that the name is Japanese and that the berries resemble raspberries but taste like blueberries.

However, in the picture we saw online, they looked oblong! I've never seen berries that shape before...

But they do taste delicious!

They are grown on the farm. If we are ever there during berry season, I'd really like to see them outdoors for myself.

There's always something new to learn about!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Urban Wildlife ... in Our Neighborhood

I don't recall seeing much wildlife around my home in Alberta or in Kelowna, BC, where I spent my teen years. Maybe I simply didn't pay much attention. A friend of mine in northern BC has deer and black bears wandering into her garden! I'm glad there are no bears in our neighborhood!

I do remember squirrels in our backyard in Kelowna, not as plenteous as the squirrels in our Ottawa neighborhood. Our dog loved chasing them away from our back yard nut tree!

The first time I really noticed urban wildlife was the year we lived in Toronto. Garbage day always brought out the raccoons... I don't recall seeing raccoons in downtown Montreal when I lived there, but I have seen squirrels - larger than Ottawa squirrels - in Montreal parks.

Our Ottawa neighborhood has squirrels, rabbits, skunks, ground hogs, raccoons - and occasional ducks! 

We apparently also have coyotes... Someone recently reported seeing them at 3 am on our street... near the college. That's very close to us!

Recently, on a walk in our neighborhood, I noticed this trusting rabbit... He didn't run away when I approached... Hopefully he won't run into the coyotes!

If I had an outdoor cat, I'd definitely be nervous!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Terry’s Parents’ Wedding

Sorting through old photos, I came across several of Terry’s parents on their wedding day. They were married in Lennoxville, Quebec.

Here is one - with the parents of the bride and groom next to them. 

Years later, both grandmothers attended our wedding. By then, both grandfathers had died. 

I never met Terry’s parents, as they had both passed away by the time I met him. 

Terry didn't know the date of their wedding, but I came across it on the back of one photo...

It was September 24, 1949 - 71 years ago today.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New Walking Path in Almonte

I'm not going to the gym these days - so I'm missing out on some of my normal exercise...

You have to find something to replace it, my osteoporosis doctor recently told me. Exercising is an important part of osteoporosis management...

So on a recent trip to Almonte, we decided to add some steps to our normal walk around town...

Normally, we cross the river at two different bridges, bringing us back where we started... near a favorite bakery!

We have lots of favorite views where we stop and admire the scenery - like this condo patio - with all its potted plants, below the bridge.

This view of the water fall is another favorite spot...

But maybe it's time to add a new path... Here's one we often see people on, either walking, riding bikes and even ATVs...

So off we headed off...

To our left was the river... To our right, an older neighborhood. We caught glimpses of lovely homes through openings in the trees...

Let's explore the neighborhood, I suggested...

So we turned onto one of the streets...

So glad we discovered this lovely part of town!

I'm sure we'll be back soon to see more!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Didn't Expect That!

The house across the street has recently been demolished to make way for new housing...

We watched - with a mixture of interest and nostalgia - as the buildings came down and were carted away...

But I didn't expect the large hedge on the east (left) the side of the property to go as well!!

Everything really looks different now!