Monday, January 22, 2018

Reflections (While Working On Another Quilt)

I have been - slowly and steadily - working on another mauve quilt.

Whenever I make a large quilt, I try to break it down into sections and work on each smaller segment as much as I can before joining them together.

I started with strips of 5.5 inch squares - joining three strips together and machine quilting them.

I'm not totally happy with these, as some of the fabrics seem very ripply once machine quilted... I wonder if there is anything I could do to counter that... Perhaps it's because the fabric is thinner... Or because my "walking foot" isn't working. Maybe I should get it fixed...? Or replace it...? Would this have happened had I been using it? Maybe these ripples will be less noticeable once the whole thing is complete. This is one reason why I prefer to hand quilt. I have more control.

I've sewn several solid color strips to one of the quilted pieces, seen in the photo above. The remaining two are lying on my laundry rack, next to some fabric I was considering for the strips but decided not to use.

I've added a colorful bit of patchwork to the backing of the centre section, just to make things a little more interesting - and to use up a piece I had in my stash.

Will I like it when I'm done?!

I've enjoyed working on it, so maybe that's all that matters.

Another aspect of the "magic" of quilting... My surprise at having so many small fabric pieces left over...

I'm already planning another quilt!

I always think: This will use up everything... But it never does! There is always more!

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