Monday, January 29, 2018

Quilting Progress

I have been - slowly but steadily - making progress on my latest quilt creation.

I have been working on it in three parts, machine quilting each section before joining them together.

Here it is, in three pieces, lying on a queen-sized bed.

Now I begin to join the parts together, I machine stitch the top, hand-stitching the back join, strip of fabric covering the join.

The backing - a light broadcloth I "inherited" from a neighbor - looks really puckered from close up. It reminds me of smocking my mother used to do. I hope it doesn't look too bad in the end.

I've already hand-stitched the binding on the two ends. When I've joined everything together, I'll sew on the binding on the two sides...

Then it will be done!

The most important thing is - not to give up! However one does it, making a quilt is a momentous task!

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