Sunday, January 28, 2018


Winter would seem to be the perfect time to accomplish indoor projects that have been weighing on my mind... Like organizing and digitizing all my slides. (I was reminded of this task recently when an ad for a digitizing service caught my eye: Costco photography centers now convert slides and home movies into digital format...)

That could be useful!!

When I lived overseas, my parents wanted me to share my experiences with them in letters... and slides.

I'm not sure why they preferred slides... Was it cheaper?!  Or was my father simply intrigued by the latest technology?! In those days of 8 mm home movies, it wasn't uncommon for him to pull out the projection screen to show visitors their latest home movies...and my Israel slides.

Now, tucked away and forgotten, are boxes of these relics of my 10 years abroad and of my parents' European travels...

I've thought of digitizing them, if the quality is good enough. But first I'd have to go through all of them, clean them, and choose the ones I'd like to keep.

Winter would seem to be the ideal time to do that... What am I waiting for?!


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