Thursday, January 18, 2018

A La Julius

Do you recognize this man? Terry asked, referring to this obit in our local paper.

Yes! It's Julius!

We met Julius late in his life. He was one of the founding members of the Miller's Oven Tea House in Manotick, a small restaurant manned by volunteer seniors to raise funds for their activities.

He occasionally worked at the cash back in the early years when we went there.

The obit was enlightening: We didn't know that he had been a veterinarian, or that he was born in Montreal. We did hear that he had moved to Brockville...

But we will always remember Julius because he was a charming man - and because one of the menu items was named after him.

French Toast a la Julius - French toast dipped in a mixture of egg and milk, then in uncooked oats before frying it - has become a favorite with one of my sons!

Every time we make it, we think of him!

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