Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Is Keto For Me?!

For years now I've been aware of my carb intake, as I work on keeping my high blood sugar under control.

And it is work!!

Every day I judge my food intake - not only on how it tastes, or what I feel like eating, but on how "good for me" it is... I've read dozens of books on different eating styles that are supposed to be "good for" pre-diabetics and diabetics.

The keto diet is currently very popular... There were so many "holds" on these two books, that it took me months to get them from the library!

Basically, a keto diet aims at lowering carb intake to the point that the body must burn fat for fuel. The list of food high in carbs is longer than one might think. It includes not only bread and sweets, fruit and fruit juices (or any sweetened drinks) but corn, potatoes, rice, carrots, peas, beans... And the list goes on!

As I look the photos on the covers of these keto cook books - as the January winds blow outside - I am reminded of hot summer weather and tropical climates, when it's so hot, I don't feel like eating.

This is not the food my body craves now that winter is here!

While I'm sure I can benefit from lowering my carb intake, these two books aren't very helpful in the winter world I live in!

They will be heading back to the library very quickly!

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