Saturday, August 4, 2018

Quilting Inspiration

I'm not ready to begin quilting just yet. Cutting and sewing aren't the problem - but my iron (for pressing pieces) is quite heavy. I don't want to strain myself...

Yet I'm already inspired to think about a future quilt project...

This may be the one I'll try next... in blue...

The pattern is called "Turning 20" - and although 20 isn't my age (as my daughter jokingly reminded me...), I think it might work well with some shirt fabric scraps I inherited from a neighbor.

(She got them from a friend who worked in a local shirt-making factory... Hmmm. I wonder if the factory still exists... Do we still have clothing factories in Canada?!)

The fabric is light, but - hopefully - strong...

The pattern I saw uses 8.5-inch squares surrounded by two 4.5-inch strips.

I wonder if any of these scraps is actually big enough!

Perhaps I'll have to make the pattern smaller... Maybe 5-inch squares with 3-inch strips...?

Let the planning begin!

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