Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Do We Appreciate Our Canadian Medicare Enough?!

Six weeks ago today, I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy...

A few months before my surgery, one of Terry's cousins, who lives in Michigan, shared on Facebook that she was undergoing a hysterectomy. Over the next few weeks, she shared photos of knitting projects she was working on as she recuperated, distances walked as she regained her strength... and finally, the good news that she was feeling great and able to return to work.

Then came an interesting Facebook post: her $43,000 hospital bill for her hysterectomy!

Not to worry - she told Facebook friends and family... She had health insurance... But receiving the bill made her stop and think about those who might not have insurance coverage or money to pay for the procedure.

Then she added: I only have to pay the $7,000 deductible... and the costs of pre-op visits to the doctor ...

I was shocked!

You see, the big difference between her insurance coverage in Michigan and mine in Canada is that I will never even see a bill... not for the surgery, not for my hospital stay, not for any of the lab tests... nor for any doctor visits... Our government-run health care insurance covers it all.

Do we appreciate the amazing health care system we Canadians have?! It's time for us to sit up and take notice!

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