Sunday, August 19, 2018

Inspiration Through Windows

I love rooms with large, bright windows! Every time Terry and I hunted for a place to live - even an apartment - windows and light were our first considerations.

Nowadays I really appreciate the two windows in my "no-TV" sitting room, where I often sit to read or work on my laptop.

My eyes often stray to the scenes framed by the windows...

I'm not the only one who derives inspiration by looking through windows. In her book, Transitions, Julia Cameron writes: The window of my writing room looks north to Taos Mountain. At one moment it looms dark purple against the horizon. Moments later, it is lit by gold...

"Everything changes, is always changing," the mountain reminds me. And yet, it reminds me, too, "There is a bedrock, a level of spiritual reality, that remains always the same."

Reading this, I can identify - though I see a different view through my windows... My reality goes a little like this: The window of my writing room looks west towards the sunset. One day the clouds may be pink and blue. Another day, they may be dark and threatening...

Sometimes the sky is red.

The beauty of the constantly changing sky reminds me that God's creative ability seen in nature is so much greater than mine! My attempts at painting nature never grasp the beauty I see before me. And the colors always fit so well together!

It also reminds me that no two days - in our world or in the sky - are exactly the same. Life around us is always changing. 

I find comfort viewing these changes from my little room overlooking trees and  flowers in summer - and trees and snow in winter. 

Not only am I thankful that I have a view unimpeded by tall buildings or trees - but also that much of my life remains the same - in spite of the changing skies. 

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