Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter is Definitely here!

We've had several snowfalls... and the snow is piling up.

Our quiet street is not a high priority for city snow plows, and our neighborhood still has ditches which are less noticeable in the snow...

So occasionally people who park on the street end up stuck in the ditch!

A few days ago, one was in the ditch... The driver called a tow truck - and the tow truck also ended up stuck in the ditch! A second tow truck came - and the driver of this one wisely chose to stay clear of the road. He parked instead in a driveway as he pulled both the first tow truck and the car out of the ditch!

In the midst of this chaos, with cars blocking the road, the snow plow finally arrived. He managed to get by - but had to wait till the car and trucks had driven off to finish clearing the street. Terry (who often chats with strangers) started up a conversation with the driver and discovered, in their conversation, that the driver's wife had recently given birth to twins, born prematurely. He was concerned for the health of all - the babies and his wife...

It's easy to forget that those we see around us - police, firemen, ambulance drivers, sales clerks, shoppers... and snow plow drivers - may also be going through challenging personal times.

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