Friday, December 16, 2016

Knitting Markers That Work For Me

My top-down vest pattern, knit on a large circular needle, called for markers to remind me when to increase... (Where the sleeves and the front and back sections meet.) When knitting a sweater bottom up in four pieces - front, back and two sleeves - the edges are physically present to remind me that an increase - or decrease - may be needed.

There are a lot of markers on the market. Over the years, I've used plastic ones as well as large safety pins. My complaints are that the round plastic markers tend to fall out, and the safety pins sometimes get caught in the yarn.

The best markers for me are pieces of leftover yarn in a contrasting color. I just tie them around the needle where needed. If they tend to come loose, I tie a double knot.

They are definitely the simplest - best  - and cheapest(!) - knitting markers for me!

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  1. I like to use the yarn markers, too. I have bought fancy markers, and made some of my own with beads, but I seem to prefer the yarn. The yarn is enough to catch my attention, but not too much to be in the way. Thank you for the post.