Sunday, December 11, 2016

Walking in Rockland

Last weekend our second snowfall of the season had melted. 

We need to go walking every day we can, I told Terry. (Once there's snow on the ground, I get nervous. It's easy for me to slip and fall.) He suggested we join his retired colleagues who were meeting for breakfast in Rockland, Then afterwards, we could go for a 10,000 step walk around town.

Like Cumberland, Rockland is one of those small towns we sometimes pass by but never take time to explore. Both are located near each other on the Ottawa River. 

After eating, we wandered down one of their main streets. (Perhaps it was the main street!)

The architecture was a mix of old and new.

The old Catholic church was very impressive. The bells chimed noon as we walked past.

After about fifteen minutes, we had reached the end of town... so we headed back.

As we reached, I couldn't help but comment on how nice it was to walk in a town where traffic isn't a problem. Sometimes in Toronto, I feel as if I'm taking my life into my own hands just crossing the street!

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