Monday, December 7, 2009

Andrew Haydon Park

The light snowfall that dusted the city a week ago melted after a few days - so last weekend people were out walking and cycling (in winter jackets and hats) - enjoying the last of our pre-snow weather.

I wandered around Andrew Haydon Park - located on the Ottawa River (which separates Ontario from Quebec). My mother lives near the park - one we used to visit often when our kids were small.

In summer the bandstand hosts dozens of free concerts

A few Canada geese were flying around - perhaps they are planning to spend the winter here rather than fly south... The sliver of water in the distance is the Ottawa River - the hills behind that are in the province of Quebec.

The seagulls (sitting or perhaps standing in the water) stay all winter. I'm not sure how they survive - but they do!

Next weekend this park may be covered in snow - if the weatherman is right... In fact, some parts of Canada are currently in the midst of snow storms - but here in south-eastern Ontario we are still enjoying the last breath of (cooler) fall weather!

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