Thursday, June 7, 2018

Visiting the City Bus Training Facility

Last weekend, Terry and I were busy trying to see as many Doors Open events as possible in Ottawa.

It's always interesting to enter buildings that are normally closed to the public and see what goes on inside.

Many buildings - both old and new - open their doors to the public.

In previous years, we've visited the city's first jail, which is now a youth hostel; a large bomb shelter built in the 1950s to protect Canada's government; a wind tunnel built to test aerodynamics; the Supreme Court of Canada; a hydro dam on the Ottawa River; a school for seeing-eye dogs for the blind; a hydroponic greenhouse - to name a few.

This year we drove to the training center for city rail and bus operators.

Much of their training was done using simulators!

Of course, there were displays of buses used in the past...

... and present.

Terry was surprised to discover that he's too tall to stand on the top level of an Ottawa double decker bus. Here he is seated at the top front of a bus.

The city bus training center - a very interesting place to visit!

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