Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New Neighborhood Church

Last Saturday, the new Romanian Orthodox church in the next block held a special open house for the neighborhood.

It was interesting to go into the building that I've watched go up over the past few years.

The interior isn't completed yet - but the parishioners said that it's a "miracle" that the building itself is completed, given the formidable cost of building and furnishing the church.

The ceiling is domed. Next to the central dome, there are four other domes in the shape of a cross...

In the front, two doors lead to the "holy of holies" - which has a marble altar and is only entered by priests.

Three boxes hold relics: ashes of saints, gifts from churches in other countries.

We were all impressed by the lovely church and the friendly parishioners...

Later we enjoyed a community barbecue as well.

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