Thursday, June 28, 2018

Musings as I Walk to Centrepoint Library

I often walk to the library.

A kilometer away, it's a perfect walking distance!

This time I took a detour past a seniors' condo building that had recently had a fire...

Only the central common area seems to be damaged.

The two attached residence wings appear livable, but I don't know if they are...

A few years ago, a friend in Montreal came home to find firemen in her condo building. One of the units had had a fire. She wasn't able to stay in the building that night - though she was able to go into her apartment to retrieve some personal belongings.

Don't forget your pills, the fireman who accompanied her into the building reminded her.

Oh yes! Her pills! She had forgotten about them!

Her situation reminded me of another, where a friend had to evacuate her home for a few hours because of a suspected gas leak on the street. Repairing the problem took longer than she had anticipated. A few hours later she panicked to realize that she needed to take her medication but had forgotten to bring her pills.

Always keep them in a bag by the door, the police officer told her when she mentioned she needed to return to her house to retrieve them. You should always take them with you whenever you leave the house...

(Good advice perhaps - but not many of us would be willing to follow it...! My purse is heavy enough without adding prescription medication!)

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