Thursday, June 21, 2018

Long Sunlit Days

Today is the "longest" day of the year - the day with the most sunlight hours.

I love these long days... though it's hard for me to stay awake for them all!

 At 7 pm - as in the picture - I'm enjoying the long evening light...

But I'm having trouble with 4 am dawn. By 6, when I'm ready to get up, I've missed seeing the sunrise. The day is already bright!

My photo faces west - and the sun is slowly moving to the right (to the north) before it sets.

One of my daughter's friends, currently in Iceland, is posting photos on Instagram.

I particularly enjoyed this one - and the comment, "Yes, it's almost midnight in Iceland."

I didn't realize that Iceland is that far north...

These days of "midnight sun" would be the perfect time of year to be there!

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  1. Iceland was wonderful! The constant daylight informed every part of our visit. Because the sun never sets you don’t get the cue to sleep or settle down for the night. Besides that there is just too much to recommend about the place. The thermal pools, fjords and wonderful food plus so much more makes Iceland worth a look see. Thanks for following me on Instagram.

    Thinking of you today.