Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Denim Rug

I love denim - and have kept old, torn blue jeans for years now, planning to someday transform them into interesting hand bags.

I tried making a denim quilt once, but found it heavy... So I use part of it as a runner on the piano bench. Larger, it could make a nice picnic blanket.

Recently the topic of rugs came up in our family. Our daughter expressed interest in having some of the rag rugs my mother made. I think this one is braided. The beige strand is cut from old nylon stockings and tights.

I wonder if this one is crocheted.

Thinking about using up all my denim fabric, I wondered: Could I make a denim one in the same style - or would the fabric be too hard to crochet?
Searching for "denim rugs" on Pinterest, I came across this striped one... So I decided to try to make it.

I sewed together three-inch strips of denim.

The backing is also "upcycled" from a corduroy pillow cover I once made.

It sewed up quickly...

I was pleased with my finished rug.

Wondering if it wouldn't be slippery on a tile or wooden floor, I hunted for a rubber under-pad to keep it more secure.

I headed over to Ikea to see if they had rubber underpading for small area rugs.

I found some small bath mats that were the perfect size - and didn't slip.

Perfect to put under this denim rug - and the rag rugs my mother made! I bought a few - a bargain at $2 each!

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