Friday, June 22, 2018

Purplish-Blue "Mystery" Flowers!

Over the years I have planted - then "lost" - many flowers in my flower beds. Sometimes I pull them out early in spring, thinking they are weeds... (A good reason to refrain from "weeding"!)

Occasionally, years later, they suddenly appear... (or should I say, "reappear"?!)

This is one such flower! The stalk looks a lot like a blade of grass - so it's a wonder I didn't pull it out earlier in the season. I have no idea if or when I planted it. Perhaps it's a native plant that "blew in" or was brought into the garden by a bird or squirrel, in the form of a seed.

But then, again, years ago, I purchased some native plants that never bloomed... Is this one of them?!

A lot of uncertainty would end if I kept a gardening diary...

There are other pink and purple plants in bloom right now, too...

These are carnations (I think!)

I'm glad to see the purple Salvia back.

Mauve/purple/blue, the dominant color palate in my garden these days, are peaceful early summer colors.

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