Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Temporary "Art"

One of my sons recently gave me this low-tech painting set...

It's a sheet of paper glued to a black plastic frame, an easel with a trough for water, and a brush.

Using room-temperature water, you "paint" on the paper. The black color shows through where the paper is wet. Within 10 minutes, the paper dries - leaving the paper blank again..

(The water does tend to dribble down - temporarily pooling at the bottom of the frame.)

The set is marketed as a "zen" tool - art that lasts only for the moment!

I'm not drawn to "zen" concepts...

But I enjoy keeping the set on the dining room table.

Walking past, I often write messages - or practice a few brush strokes.

A few minutes later, they've disappeared! An interesting way of  "practicing art."

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