Saturday, March 10, 2018

How Do Their Little Minds Work?!

Here is Ontario, we share our world with squirrels (like this one sitting on the branch of our tree).

Most days they run endlessly to and fro. I assume (wrongly, perhaps) that they are on a constant quest for food. Often they carry seeds in their mouths, which we occasionally see them eat, but which, more often, they end up burying in the yard.

They also check out the two compost piles in our yard. Whenever we toss something on our piles, the squirrels are out there, inspecting what we have thrown out...

Is anything going on in their little minds? Or are they simply instinctively running to and fro?

Recently, I started to wonder!

I had tossed a dozen stale cookies onto the compost pile, thinking that the crows (who also inspect our compost) would surely eat them...

The cookies disappeared. I assumed they had quickly been devoured... But maybe not! The following day, Terry found two cookies in our mailbox. And this one, carefully placed on our window ledge, in plain view!

Are the squirrels trying to tells us something?! Are they, in their generosity, saying: This is people food - I want to shart it with you!

Or perhaps, We don't like these... Keep them for yourself?!!

We've never found pine cones or other nuts in our mailbox! Do they associate it with humans?!

Is more going on in their little brains than we give them credit for? How do they view the people who share their world?!

What's going on in those little minds of theirs?!!!

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