Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Memories of ... Eggs

I've never personally known a farmer who sells farm fresh eggs, so the eggs we buy always come from a store. I do, however, have several childhood memories about eggs.

One was about dropping a large goose egg that I was carrying home to show my parents. I had "borrowed" it from the farm of a friend who lived right on the edge of our little village. My amazement at seeing such a large egg quickly turned to disappointment, as the egg began to feel heavier and heavier - and eventually slipped from my hands. As I gazed at the broken egg, yolk and shell, at my feet, I remember thinking. Oh no! What have I done?!

My second egg experience dates back a year or two later when I was in grade 1. Some friends and I found a small blue egg on the ground under a tree, where it had fallen from a nest. Curious about the baby bird inside, we opened the egg, then realized, as we stared at the scrawny thing, that it was too small to live... What had we done?!

My third egg memory was of visiting an egg grading station with my mother in Red Deer, Alberta. In a room was full of eggs that were being cleaned and sorted. I remember someone holding each egg up to a light, to see how many yolks it had. If I remember correctly, my mother was there to purchase cheaper eggs that were "rejects" because they were an irregular shape or had more than one yolk.

All these egg memories have came streaming back - as I looked at this dozen eggs I purchased from a farm... Different shapes and colors... I'm particularly intrigued by the little ones that have a bluish hue.

I think brown eggs come from brown chickens... What color chickens do these tiny bluish eggs come from?!

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