Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday

Today, Good Friday, is a somber holiday in Christianity. I never really know how to mark it. Years ago, the church we attended (St. Peter's on Merivale Road, now an Ethiopian Orthodox church) held a Friday morning service entitled "the stations of the cross." We often attended.

Then there was a prayer vigil from the Friday morning service until the Sunday Easter service. People volunteered to pray in one-hour slots of time, day and night, from Friday until our first Sunday morning service. One family camped out in the church basement during that time, to oversee the lengthy event. When our children were adolescents, the youth of the church held a sleepover in the church basement from Saturday night until Easter Sunday morning. Early Sunday morning, they baked pretzels in the church kitchen to share with those attending the Easter Sunday service.

The church we currently attend doesn't have a two-day prayer vigil... And I'm left to ponder how to personally mark Good Friday.

Should making pretzels be part of that day? It's a lovely tradition!

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