Saturday, July 7, 2018

Our Flower Beds at their Peak

At this time of the year, our flower beds are at their peak. Unfortunately, this year, my eyes are drawn to the dry grass nearby. It's been hot and dry the past week.

I love the joy of the exuberant orange tiger lilies...

Behind them and to the left, the yellow day lilies are lovely, too. That is one area where I managed to clear away the weeds.

The white daisies dominate the garden beds.

Nearby, the weeping cherry is a shadow of its normal self. It didn't bloom at all this year, leaving me to wonder: Did I accidentally kill it, trying to squelch the gout weed?

We always appreciate the purple clematis, a colorful bouquet in our back yard. Our eyes turn to it again and again through the window, while it's in bloom.

Unfortunately, most of our perennials only last about two weeks before they disappear.

Summer blooming season is never long enough!

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