Saturday, May 5, 2018

Perth Maple Syrup Festival 2018

Last Saturday, Terry and I headed to Perth to enjoy their annual maple syrup festival.

The weather prediction was for rain - but we managed to wander around for several hours before the showers came.

There seemed to be more local maple syrup vendors than other years.

All offer free samples of their various grades of syrup.

Terry enjoys tasting the different ones - and ended up buying several bottles.

He also enjoys chatting with tree removal experts. (You never know when you might be looking for someone to remove a downed branch - or tree!)

Also the street musicians. He looks for this group every year!

There was a large children's play area - with a petting zoo, horse rides and fire engines.

I was intrigued by these fluffy white chickens...

Haven't seen any like them before...

The police vehicle display was further down the street...

We always enjoy Perth!

It's one of our favorite small towns in this part of Ontario!

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