Monday, May 7, 2018

How Strong Was the Wind?!

Late last Friday afternoon, our daughter (in south-western Ontario) messaged me: Strong wind. Just got hit with a branch. The fence beside my work has been knocked down...

Stay indoors! we messaged back. Then Terry and I turned to the weather network, wondering: What kind of storm was passing through her region? Would it be coming our way, too?!

A few hours later, strong westerly winds did arrive. Would any fences be knocked down here? we wondered...

At 9:30 the power went out... After a few minutes I went to bed... No point sitting in the dark. Terry, on the other hand, hunted for flashlights. He can't rest in a storm.

By morning, power had been restored. In the light of dawn, as I had my first cup of coffee, I noticed downed branches and something strange in my neighbor Mary's tree! Is that a squirrel's nest that has come apart in the wind?!

Later the dark blob changed shape. Now it looked like a blanket hanging on a branch.

I headed over to see what the wind had tossed into the tree.

A garbage bag, perhaps?

No, it was a barbecue cover!!

Mary took a close-up showing how tangled it is! It looks like it's not going anywhere for a long time!

A little later in the day, out walking, I passed  several broken fences.

Yes, the wind had been strong enough to knock them down in Ottawa, too.

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