Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ottawa's 2018 Tulip Festival

Ottawa's annual tulip festival is currently on.

Terry and I like to wander around admiring the expansive beds of flowers near Dow's Lake.

Two evenings ago, we did just that.

A row of tour buses indicated that a large number of tourists were enjoying the evening along with us.

Local cyclists were also enjoying the colors. I wonder if they live nearby.

We could have had our supper here, Terry commented. Dow's Lake Pavilion, near the water, has a number of good restaurants.

Some food stands were also open in the park.

As I watched the many photographers taking pictures, it occurred to me that several conditions have to be right to get really good pictures.

The sun needs to be shining for the tulip petals to be open.

Their colors pop in sunlight...

There shouldn't be much wind - or photos could be blurry!

A slight breeze picked up as we were walking around...

I was glad that I had taken most of my pictures by then.

Afterwards, Terry and I took a stroll by the water. It's such a lovely spot for an evening walk.

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