Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How Many More BoHo Bags Should I Make?!

A while back, I started making BoHo shopping bags using three strands of yarn - one of which must be non-stretchy.

The pattern is a perfect way to use up bits of yarn - which most knitters have an abundance of. In addition to having my own stash of leftover yarn, my mother, who was also a knitter - as well as a spinner and weaver - left me several bags of her scrap yarn. The shopping bags would be a great way to use up all these leftovers.

Before too long, I had completed five bags - and was working on a sixth.

My leftover yarn stash was almost gone, and I was pleased...

What are you going to do with all those bags? Terry asked. How many bags do you need?

I don't know! I just want to use up all this yarn - was my reply

Then, I remembered my mother's trunk... The trunk she had bought to take up north with her when she boarded the train for her first year of teaching in a one-room country school in Preston Lake, in Alberta's "Peace River Country." She was 20 years old at the time. That was almost 80 years ago!

She kept the trunk all those years, even bringing it east when she moved to Ottawa 15 years ago...

There wouldn't be any yarn in that,.... would there?! I wondered...
I opened it up and found two small bags - enough yarn, I'd guess, for another two shopping bags.

Should I keep going and use it all up?! I wondered...

(What else could I use it for?!)

How many more bags should I make?!

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