Sunday, May 6, 2018

Best of Both Worlds...

A lot of Canadian neighborhoods are populated with animals. My daughter, in the heart of Toronto, had raccoon neighbors living under the rooftop air conditioner of the building next door. The fire escape leading to her third-storey patio was their route home and, to her annoyance, they regularly littered it with bones and food wrappers.

The raccoons in our neighborhood aren't currently a problem at our end of the street. Half a block down, however, they were evicted from a gardening shed and are now looking for a new home...

We hear updates from neighbors!

At our end of the street, we are enjoying visits from ducks and other birds that have returned for the summer.

I see them early in the morning if I sit outside with my coffee.

Then there are the rabbits that hop around, winter and summer.

And squirrels (or chipmunks) that visit...

Surrounded by this wild life, I feel as if I'm living in the heart of nature - not in suburbia.

At times, the squirrels annoy me - they are always planting seeds in my flower beds!

But, most of the time, I simply enjoy being surrounded by the best of both worlds - wild animals... and the conveniences the city!

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