Thursday, February 22, 2018

Winter Train Trip

On my last visit in Toronto, I took the train.

It's always fun to view different scenery than we do taking the highway.

On my return trip home,  the car I traveled in was referred to as "vintage" by the conductor...

(Do they still call them "conductors" - even if they're women?!)

There was a business class "special" when I booked my return trip home - so I decided to pay a bit more for a free meal, free drinks... and a less crowded car.

(This was my mid-winter mini-vacation! Why not pamper myself?!)

As the train passes interesting areas, I often ask myself - What would it be like to live here?!

Living on the shores of Lake Ontario would be lovely in summer...

I wonder if it's colder in winter, when the winds blow in from the lake.

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