Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Raclette Meal

Years ago, we had dinner with friends, who had spent time in Switzerland...

The meal they served - called "raclette" - was a memorable family event. We still remember it.

Our friends served boiled potatoes - which we all proceeded to cover with various toppings, like bacon, cheese, and a variety of vegetables.

This we browned in a raclette grill.

There is a lot of food prep involved - the bacon needs to be fried up, cheese grated. We cooked broccoli and asparagus spears as well.

It makes for a leisurely meal, as each individual is involved in preparing his or her individual portion ... and then grilling it at the table.

I later purchased a small raclette grill, but we've only used it a few times.

Why not make "raclette" for supper, one of my sons asked recently... So we did!

It was as delicious as we remembered. We really should make it more often! It's delicious - and fun!

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