Tuesday, February 13, 2018

One Thing Leads to Another: Organizing Old Photographs

I was recently hunting for an old photograph of my father which I wanted to use to illustrate a blog post. I remember loving the photo because it pictured my dad as I remember him well - sitting reflectively in our family boat, next to our dog Moochie, who also loved being out on the water.

In the process of digging through boxes of pictures and negatives, I found some interesting old photos of friends, which I posted on Facebook...

Other old family pictures, like this old wedding photo of Terry's parents, together with both sets of grandparents, I really don't know how to share, except online.

Should I create some family photo albums?

Reflecting on this, I thought about the hundreds of pictures I have stored on my computer... I wanted to make photo books with family pictures someday... Maybe someday is now!

And so I began...

Hunting for one picture (which I haven't found yet!) has set me on a task that could occupy me for the next few weeks... maybe even months!

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