Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prayer is...

For me, prayer is simply a heart-to-heart conversation with God. I often pray while sitting in a comfortable chair, a cup of coffee by my side. This time together glows with the warmth of friendship.

So it was startling to read a radically different description of prayer:

"Prayer is a leap into the dark. It is casting oneself into an abyss; it is 'running naked into the sea' as Ruysbroeck puts it. We let ourselves drop into the fast-flowing current of the Holy Spirit, without knowing or caring where it will take us. Prayer is the greatest of all adventures; it is a journey or voyage; a quest, fascinating and unpredictable, because it leads us into the supreme mystery which is the mystery of God. In prayer we lose all and find all. It is both the journey, food for the journey, and the journey's end." (The Path of Life, pages 101-2)

(I suppose it is... all of the above!)

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