Monday, May 16, 2016

"Tetris" Afghan

I never got into playing video games with my children - but I did enjoy a Gameboy game called "Tetris" - that involves quickly finding landing spots for moving geometrical shapes.

I wasn't thinking about Tetris when I started an interesting afghan  pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann a few months ago. Knit in four pieces using a simple garter stitch, I did think of it as an interesting puzzle-piece afghan with lots of corners.

I finally finished it a few few days ago. When I laid it on the floor, putting the pieces together, I thought it was a little bland. To brighten it up, I added a black stripe.

Now I wonder how it would have looked if I had crocheted around each piece in black. I don't want to take it apart to find out...

When knitting it, I called it my puzzle-piece afghan. When my daughter saw a picture of it, finished, she immediately exclaimed: Tetris!

I guess it will be known as the "tetris afghan"

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