Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Well-Used Piece of Family History... Gone!

A piece of family history was recently disposed of.

The desk used by one of my sons during his school years - which Terry had used before him - was recently set out in the trash.

With several chemical stains in the drawers (left by decomposing batteries) I didn't think it was a healthy piece of furniture to keep in the house.

Looking at the desk made me wonder about my children's school years.

I encouraged them to sit upstairs in their rooms to do homework, much like I had done.

Did they enjoy doing homework on their own? Was it a time to think about life... and the future?

Was a life philosophy being developed, as seen in: "Break it down!" "Learn to fly"? Or were songs simply running through his head?

Were those school years - 1999 and 2000 exceptionally boring?!

The Nomer wuz here May 1999 
Still here November 2000

(Or was the first date on this desk simply a reminder of how long school years can be?!)

I enjoyed doing homework alone in my room, but not everybody does.

I didn't discover - until my children were much older - that studies have shown that many students do better if they work on homework at the kitchen table, surrounded by family members. This allows them to talk about assignments - and get help if needed. Wish I'd known that back then!

Would he have enjoyed school more if he had done his homework in the kitchen? (Or would one eye have been on the TV nearby?!) Would our kitchen table bear the marks his desk now bears? I guess I'll never know!

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