Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Visiting Arnprior: Four Favorite Spots

Terry and I almost inevitably go to four favorite places whenever we go to Arnprior..

We usually stop at two parks along two different rivers.

First we drive over to a narrow park where we can survey the Madawaska River coming over the falls...

Last time we were there, the walking path was snow-covered. The water was so low that a row of birds was actually perched on the edge of the falls.

Then we head over to the Robert Simpson Park on the Ottawa River. It's a large park with play structures for children and lots of space to run around or walk.

This park was also snow covered - but Terry walked through the snow to the gazebo that overlooks the beach.

We also have two favorite eating places. When we arrive in town, we usually stop at Wes's Chip Stand.

Then after exploring the parks for a while, we drive over to (historic) downtown Arnprior, park on John Street, and head to a small local coffee shop for coffee and a snack, perhaps a bowl of soup.

After eating, we often go into the book store and gift shop next door.

Last time we were in Arnprior, we noticed several antique shops on John Street. They may be another destination for us to explore next time we are in town.

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