Monday, April 2, 2018

Terry's Rabbit

I noticed "Terry's rabbit" - or at least one of the rabbits Terry enjoys, sitting on the hard packed snow, nibbling something...

Is it a branch of the pine tree?!

Throughout the year, but especially at certain times in the winter, some the tips of the branches fall off... I've often wondered why.

Do these young (not-so-prickly?) tips provide food for wild life - even after they have been covered in snow?

As the snow melts, do this newly exposed branches taste as fresh as they did before they were frozen? 
I wonder if my neighbor Rob would know... He knows a lot about plants - though he doesn't have any pine trees in his yard.

As I survey our backyard, It occurs to me that - if the rabbit moved just a tiny bit, I probably wouldn't have noticed him... thanks to his (or her) camouflage coloring.

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