Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Chocolate Cheese - A Chocolate Lover's Dream Snack

As I sit here snacking on a piece of chocolate cheese, I wonder why it isn't available in more food stores. I haven't found it in any Ottawa stores.

My daughter bought this tasty morsel for me in Toronto's Kensington Market - and, even there, where they carry cheeses from all over the world, the vendor told her that he may not order it again. It's simply not that popular...

Why?!! It's the perfect HEALTHY snack for a chocolate lover, like me.

I can only assume that people don't know that such a dream food actually exists.

(I wouldn't have known about it either if I hadn't overheard someone ordering it.)

As I finish off my final bite, I'm on a mission - to publicize its existence - so that this won't be the last piece I ever get to eat!

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