Monday, November 28, 2016

Rearranging Furniture... To Improve My Health!

This past summer, I've suffered from two annoying physical problems - an aching back and a sore right knee.

I bought a smaller purse to deal with the back problem. Carrying a lighter bag over my shoulder did help me get rid of the back pain.

Now I'm trying to fix the knee problem by... rearranging the furniture! I noticed that I was putting all my weight on my right knee when getting out of my chair... Repeatedly doing this aggravated it and made walking difficult.

Several times last summer, I was away for a few days... and to my surprise, the pain started to lessen. It came back when I returned home.

Eventually I decided to try facing my chair in the opposite direction, so that the weight of my body would be on the opposite leg when I stood up. I now face the window that used to be behind me. It's a totally new view... And hopefully it will also cure my right knee problem.

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